2018 Theremin Workshops: Paris - Lausanne - Ljubljana - New York - WOMAD, GB - Bern


The KCTS Paris Residency at the Gaite Lyrique Museum continues throughout 2018: first sessions start 23th + 24th of February / 27th + 28th of April / 11th + 12th of July / Registration dtba.

KidCoolThereminSchool is thrilled to join CERN at WOMAD, GB offering Theremin Classes & Lectures during the festival

KidCoolThereminSchool Residency at BERN, Schlachthaushof this Fall 2018 - dtba.

Feb. 1st, 2018 - Ljubljana, Slovenia MENT Festival - 2 Classes - sold out

Feb. 4th, 2018 - Lausanne, Switzerland NODE Festival - 3 Classes @ Musee de la Main (space is still available for the 2.15pm - 3.15pm class - register here)

New York - March 26-27, 2018 - dtba.

Fall/Winter 2017: PARIS Residency of KCTS continues: L'école de thérémine at the Gaite Lyrique Museum and the Nanterre Amandiers Theatre

The KCTS Paris Residency continues with added classes following demand: Monthly Theremin Classes for All Ages will take place at the Paris Museum Gaite Lyrique and the Nanterre Amandiers Theatre - Registration tba. Produced by Gaite Lyrique / Capitaine futur in collaboration with the Nanterre Amandiers Theatre, supported by Moog Music , MESI and The Austrian Cultural Forum - Classes are taught by Dorit Chrysler & Thomas Suire - Fall Registration tba.

2017 Summer: KCTS in collaboration with CERN at WOMAD Festival UK: 27-30th of July

In Collaboration with CERN and MOOG Music, KidCoolThereminSchool will present Theremin Classes at the Renowned WOMAD FESTIVAL @ the PHYSICS TENT at Charlton Park, UK - 27-30th of July

2017: PARIS Residency of KCTS at the Gaite Lyrique Museum: lecole de thérémine

We are pleased to announce that KidCoolThereminSchool has found a new home at the Paris Museum Gaite Lyrique and will be able to offer Theremin Classes for Children & Adults in a monthly series all year as part of the Captaine futur Festival - KidCoolTheremin in Paris - Lecole de Thérémine Produced by La Gaîté Lyrique / Capitaine futur 2017, with the support of Moog Music and MESI - Classes are taught by Dorit Chrysler & Thomas Suire - For more Info & Registration please contact the Gaite Lyrique.


KCTS has received the MAKER OF MERIT Prize at Detroit's Makers Faire 2016 and has held classes worldwide in collaborations with distinctive institutions such as the AustrianCulturalForum in New York, Detroit Institute of Arts, HenryFordMuseum Detroit, STROM Festival Copenhagen, INKONST Malmo, POPFEST Vienna, Nanterre Amandiers Theatre Paris, MOOG Music Factory and AMOEBA Records SF. KCTS had its inception at Pioneerworks in Red Hook and returns there for regular classes.

Wall Street Journal "For the Theremin, Music Lessons are Hands Off"

2017 Spring Classes in Mexico City: March 9

At Centre Cultura Espaniola Mexico City - classes at 11am & 12pm - lecture at 2pm

Fall 2106: Free KCTS classes at ACFNY NY offered on September 18th

This fall, KidCoolThereminSchool goes to Paris, Berlin & Manhattan - on Sept. 18th, in collaboration with the Austrian Cultural Forum and "Dame Electric" Moving SoundsFestival, KCTS offers free classes at the Austrian Cultural Forum in Manhattan. Registration is required, capacity is limited. October 1st, Nuit Blanche in Paris will premier the KidCoolThereminSchool Childrens Theremin Orchestra presented by Welcome To Caveland/Philippe Quesne production. 4 days of KidCoolTheremin School at MOOGFEST in Durham, NC May 19-22 were fully booked and sold out// Classes offered in March: in the Austrian Skiing Paradise ofHall in Tirol at STROMBOLI on Sun March 13th and a Day of Workshops in NEW YORK at PIONEERWORKS March 25/26. In April, free Theremin Classes for Kids and Adults are offered in ZURICH at the Helmhaus Art MUSEUM from Aprill 9-10th. KidCoolThereminSchool is represented at N/O/D/E Festival January 28th through a lecture about its curriculum and a lecture at the Music University of Vienna on May 10th, Theremin Workshops will be held all through MoogFest May 19-22 in Durham, NC.

Classes in Hollywood and San Francisco

America's First Theremin School for Children & Adults has been teaching Theremin in New York, Detroit, Houston, Austria, Sweden and Denmark - now for the first time, in Co-Production with Moog Music, we are proud to announce upcoming Theremin Workshops for Kids & Adults to take place on the West Coast:




.."is like tickling butterflies" WSJ

KID COOL THEREMIN SCHOOL teaches young children, teenagers and adults the fundamentals of how to play a Theremin, the very first electronic instrument, invented in 1919. The Theremin generates sound without being touched: based on the principle of Heterodyning, the motion of hands enter an electromagnatic field which translates into sound. Allowing a truly unique and innovative approach to train hearing, motoric skills, rhythm and melodies, our program provides new ways of expression and an introduction to electronic music in a fun environent. America's First Theremin School for Children and Adults was founded by Dorit Chrysler at the Music Department of PioneerWorks, Center for Arts & Innovation and made possible with the continuous support of Moog Music.

Invented 1919 by Russian electro physicist Lev Sergejewitch Termen, the Theremin is the only instrument that generates sound without being touched. Notoriously hard to play, it is one of the first electronic instruments that inspired the creation of synthesizers in future generations. Historically, the Theremin is one of the earliest electronic instruments, introduced to audiences in the early 20th century. Subsequently it served as the basis from which electronic musical instruments of the 20th century were later developed but has always been notoriously underestimated in its own capacities in the pantheon of music instruments up until now.

Dorit Chrysler, founder of KidCoolThereminSchool has also co-founded the NY Theremin Society. She has a BA in musicology, University of Vienna and is currently holding a long term residency at Pioneerworks, curating its music department. Her Compositions have been commissioned by MoMA, the Venice Biennale and Performa. Dorit has been teaching Theremin at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki, the Rhiz in Vienna, the Hermitage in St. Petersburg, Bucknell College in PA and Pioneerworks in Red Hook, NY. She has co-produced a ten piece theremin orchestra at the LA Disney Hall. A mother herself, her 6 year old son is one of her most avid Theremin students.

Rob Schwimmer, a devoted parent himself, having played over 100 concerts for Carnegie Kids, Rob is an experienced, fun and inspirational teacher for kids of all ages. A pianist-composer described as a "Theremin master" in The New York Times and a "Theremin hero" in The New Yorker, Rob was theremin soloist with The Orchestra of St. Luke's at Caramoor playing the premiere of Bernard Herrmann's Scene d'Amour from Vertigo performed with theremin for the first time and played theremin and piano on Matthew Barney's epic Cremaster 3 movie.

"A theremin is a cool contemporary instrument. It's not only retro and classical; it's cool and now."Dorit Chrysler, WSJ article "An Instrument Comes Into Its Own"

WSJ "For the Theremin, Music Lessons are Hands Off"